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ED Comm and Real Girl Thinspo for Hipsters and Indie Kids

- This community is for photos, general discussion, etc. pertaining to eating disorders, indie and hipster culture, style and fashion.

-Every post must contain at least one photo, or it will be deleted!!

- The photos should be of girls and boys who are real people (not supermodels) and they should be of the indie, artsy, or hipster variety.

-The photos should have some artistic quality to them, not just weird angle pics, taken in bad lighting.

- Membership is moderated, but we will most likely accept you.

- We're going for a certain aesthetic here, and if you don't get it, chances are you shouldn't be here anyways.

-If the picture you are thinking about posting contains: a) a studded belt, b) raccoon eyes, c) purple, pink, blue, or green extensions, and/or d) hello kitty, invader zim, gloomy bear, or anything else stupid, please don't post it.

NOTICE:The photos you post do not have to be of thin people. If you would like to make a post about say, the current seasons must haves, your favorite band at the moment, an artist you are currently digging, DO IT!